Our Wedding Packages

Whether you’re interested in hiring our services to capture your wedding ceremony or your wedding ceremony and reception, simply continue reading to discover all of the photography packages, which we offer.

Engagement Photoshoot Package

If you’re interested in commemorating your recent engagement, it’s well worth booking an engagement photo shoot. If you haven’t posted your invitations, you may even want to consider using a professional photo from your photoshoot on the front cover of your wedding invitations. Alternatively, you may be interested in sharing your engagement photos with your guests at your wedding reception!If you choose to book an engagement photo shoot package and any one of our professional wedding packages, you’ll even receive a small percentage discount on your engagement photo shoot as our wedding gift to you.

Professional Wedding Ceremony Package

If you choose our wedding ceremony package, our team of two professional photographers will arrive at your venue ahead of time, so that we can take photos of your guests arriving at your chosen venue. While waiting for our beautiful bride to arrive, we’ll also make sure to capture photos of the groom and his best man.
Once the bridal party arrives, we’ll take a mixture of photos of the bridal party and the bride, walking down the aisle. Better yet, as we are a team of two, we’ll be able to capture photographs of the flower girls, bridesmaids, and bride, from multiple angles. Our goal is to provide you with a variety of different photos, rather than a file full of photographs, which all look the same.

Throughout your ceremony, we’ll continue to photograph every moment. Including big moments such as your vows and your first kiss. However, we’ll also endeavour to take photos of special unplanned moments. Such as a groom sneaking a second glance at his gorgeous bride or a joke, which makes everyone, including your guests, laugh.If you hire our experienced team, you can rest assured that every special moment, which takes place during your wedding ceremony, will be expertly framed and shot. Better yet, as we are a team of two experienced photographers, you’ll receive double the shots, than you would receive from a single wedding photographer.

After your ceremony, its time for your wedding photoshoot, which will be held at your choice of venue. Some couples choose to hold their photoshoot in a manicured garden, while others choose to hold their photo shoot on their favourite beach. As well as posing for shots, you’ll also have a chance to improvise your own shots.
As an example, if you both have a sense of humour, you may want to pretend that you’re running away from a dinosaur. If you have crazy, creative ideas for your wedding photography, just let us know either before your wedding or on the day. Alternatively, if you looking for a more traditional shot, you may want to pose with your heads bent and your foreheads touching.
Typically couples choose to shoot a variety of photos with their bridesmaids and groomsmen, before sending their bridesmaids and groomsmen away, to shoot romantic couples’ photos. If you’re lucky enough to have your parents’ turn up to your big day, you can also choose to include them in your professional wedding photo shoot.
When it comes to your wedding photoshoot, our goal as photographers is to take a photo, which you both love so much, that you choose to display it in your bedroom, hallway or lounge. After all, the whole point of taking wedding photos is to have beautiful photos, which you’ll be able to look back on in the decades to come.

Professional Wedding Ceremony + Reception Package

If you’re investing in a large scale wedding reception, it’s well worth booking this particular package as it includes photographs of some of the most memorable moments of your wedding reception. Examples of which include your wedding speeches, your first dance and the cutting of your wedding cake.
If you’re interested in this particular package, you can choose to book our photography services for part of your wedding reception, or the entirety of your reception. Some couples are satisfied just having photographs of their speeches and first dance, while other couples prefer their photographers to stay on, in order to take photographs of their guests enjoying themselves on the dancefloor.
If you choose to hire our services for the duration of your wedding reception, we’ll also be able to take photos of your guests gathering to farewell you as you and your brand new spouse, depart on your dream honeymoon!

Pre-Wedding Photography Package

If you’re interested in capturing the excitement of your pre-wedding preparations, you may be interested in adding our pre-wedding photography package to your base package.If you select this particular package, Lucy our female photographer will take photographs as your bridal party getting their hair and makeup ready to walk down the aisle. While John, our male photographer can take photographs of your groomsmen enjoying a couple of beers or a couple of glasses of wine, before they head to your wedding ceremony venue.

If you plan on hiring a limousine or classic car, to make your way to your wedding ceremony venue, we can also accompany your party, in order to take photographs of your last journey as a single man or woman.

Professional Photo Editing

No matter which photography packages you end up selecting, your package will include complimenting photo editing. As an example, we’ll retouch your photos to ensure that none of your photos contain red-eye and will crop your photographs to perfection!

So, what are you waiting for?

If you’re interested in one of the Bendigo wedding photography packages listed above, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us for further information. As we’d love to organize your wedding photography for you!If there are multiple packages which you are interested in purchasing such as a professional engagement photo shoot, a pre-wedding photography package and a professional wedding ceremony and wedding reception photography package, we’ll also be able to combine your choice of packages.