About Us

Welcome and congratulations on your recent engagement. We’re both thrilled that you’ve found our website and are excited about the possibility of photographing your big day!

As individuals, we are passionate about capturing the magic of your wedding day and are dedicated to using every ounce of our combined talents as a team, to ensure that your wedding photos take your breath away! If you can’t help but shed a tear when you first flip through your professionally edited wedding photos, we’ll know that we’ve done our jobs properly.
After all, a single carefully timed and framed photo can describe a beautiful memory, better than words ever could. Which is one of the key reasons why we both decided to pursue careers as professional photographers, over a decade ago. A decision we’ve never regretted. Especially after helping hundreds of couples from all walks of life, commemorate their wedding days.
LucyOPhoto is the passion project of two experienced professional photographers, Betty and John. After a chance meeting, we quickly bonded over our mutual love of photography. Both of our favourite art forms.After engaging in further conversation, we discovered that each of our professional strengths complimented the other and that we each had a unique sense of creativity, which could greatly benefit engaged couples who were looking for professional wedding photographers.

Soon after, we had a lightbulb moment, with our shared vision for a wedding photography business, what could we achieve if we decided to go into business together? After all, as a team of two, we could offer our clients a far better service, than if we were to go it alone and continue working as freelance wedding photographers.

Why did we choose to specialize in wedding photography?

Many photographers opt to specialize in other areas of photography as weddings can often be unpredictable and you never know when a couple will go in for a kiss or when a stray flower girl will run crying down the aisle. However, will some photographers see the unpredictable nature of weddings as a challenge, we are both inspired and invigorated by unpredictability.
We both live for the thrill of seeing how a wedding unfolds and love how no matter how many weddings we photograph, no two weddings are the same. While we get a kick of capturing traditional wedding moments such as the bridal party walking down the aisle, the exchange of vows, the first kiss and the first dance, our personal favourite photos are the spare of the moment moments, that can’t be planned.
As an example, one of Betty’s all-time favourite wedding photos was a photo of a stunning bride’s reaction to her maid of honour’s speech. The maid of honour happened to be the bride’s sister and the maid of honour’s touching speech was so thoughtful that the bride was crying happy tears. Which she wiped away with her something borrowed, her great grandmothers’ beautifully embroidered floral handkerchief.
Although it’s almost impossible to choose a favourite photograph, one of John’s favourite photos showed a bride and groom resting together, hands clasped together, on a tiny bench inside an old church, before heading to their wedding reception. Sometimes it’s the small moments in life, that are the most beautiful and show ourselves in our greatest light.
We believe that an expensive wedding gown or a tailored suit doesn’t make a woman or man, it’s their personalities. Which we try to capture. If you’re worried about hiring a wedding photographer who will try and coerce you into the same rigid poses, which you’ve seen in a million of your friends and family members’ wedding photos, rest assured that we want your personalities to shine through. After all, we plan to photograph a couple in love, not a pair of commercial models.

We love helping couples look their best

Don’t worry though, after working as professional photographers for over 10 years, we’re both experts at ensuring that we take flattering wedding photographs. After all, your wedding day will probably be the happiest day of your life, so it’s only fitting that you look like royalty in your wedding photos.
While some photographers are a little heavy-handed when it comes to using photo-shop style airbrushing. We strive to provide photographs which are both beautiful and natural looking. As there’s nothing worse than a photographed which had been airbrushed within an inch of its life.Besides, it’s far more preferable to recognize a glammed up version of yourself in your wedding photos, than to look back at your wedding photos and fail to recognize yourself.

We’re suckers for love in all its forms

While our primary goal is to showcase your love and to put the love which you share with each other on your wedding day on a peddle stool, we also love showcasing the love a couple’s family and friends share with them on their special day. After all, one of the reasons why couples choose to plan extravagant weddings is to share their love, with all of their loved ones.
Even couples who choose to opt for smaller, intimate weddings, share countless special memories, with their guests on their wedding day.
When we photograph weddings, we always make sure to take a variety of snaps of both sets of parents as well as any grandparents, sisters, brothers, nieces, and nephews which happen to be in attendance. If you’d like, we can even take photographs of each table of guests at your wedding reception. As it’s nice to have a record of all the guests who helped make your wedding memorable.

Get in contact with us, we’d love to hear from you

If you’d love to hire a Bendigo or Melbourne based photography company to capture the highlights of your wedding day, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at LucyOPhoto. As we’d both love to chat with you and your fiance about your wish lists for your wedding photography.
No matter what style of photography you’re interested in, it’s our job to turn your vision into a reality! We’d both be honoured to be one of your two Bendigo wedding photographers.